Meet the Speakers – Introducing Egil Velde

Increased diversion from landfill by exploring higher value opportunities for recovered CDW Materials

Sept 18-19, 2018
Radisson Blu Edwardian, London

Meet the Speakers – Egil Velde

Egil Velde - Circular Driven Economy 2018

With our Circular Driven Economy Symposium now less than four weeks away, we continue our series of speaker profiles by introducing Egil Velde, CEO of Velde. Egil is the CEO for the Velde family-run business in Stavanger, Norway, with Egil and his brother’s true pioneers of the circular economy. Velde is home to the world’s largest C&D waste recycling plant, processing almost one million tonnes of C&D waste material every year.

This C&D waste recycling plant uses a washing process to combine waste materials that create 100% recycled aggregate products ready for use in the construction industry. What was once a waste material sent straight to landfill is now a commercially viable product being used on sites across the Norwegian construction industry.

So, what is Velde’s vision?

When we recover, everyone wins

Egil will be joining our expert panel on day one to discuss the applications and opportunities that exist for recovered re-usable materials. As a company that provides 100% recycled materials to the construction industry, Egil understands the importance of recovering re-usable materials and ensuring future generations have the same access to raw materials that we have today.

Highlighting the Velde family’s focus on sustainability and the production of recycled aggregates, Egil explains: “With innovation, curiosity, and investment in modern technology, Velde will stand for the most sustainable and environmentally friendly production of raw materials.

Recycling is central to our value chain and all the products we offer can also be recycled. Thus, we get the valuable potential of products that otherwise have to be handled as waste. As a bonus, large amounts of transport and energy are saved as we have co-located recycling and production.

Lift your eyes, look forward and help future generations also have access to raw materials when their cities are to be built. When we recover - everyone wins!”

Norway Roads Project

Velde C&D Waste Recycling Plant Norway - Circular Driven Economy Symposium 2018

Velde provides a wide variety of recycled products back into the construction industry, including crushed stone and gravel, sand, concrete and asphalt. During his talk, Egil Velde will be highlighting the journey taken by Velde in implementing Norway’s first C&D waste recycling plant. He will also look at ongoing work undertaken with research bodies like SINTEF that ensure the quality and characteristics of the recycled aggregates produced by the company is of the same level as aggregates produced from raw materials.

Egil will also discuss some of the key projects that Velde have been involved in, including the Norway Roads Project and the opportunities that exist for recycled aggregates in such projects.

Find out more about the work Velde are doing in the recycling of C&D waste materials by visiting and watch the video below to find out more about Velde’s C&D waste recycling process.


Learn more at the Circular Driven Economy Symposium 2018

To hear more about Velde’s approach to manufacturing recycled aggregates, and the opportunities that exist for recovered re-usable materials, register for a ticket to the Circular Driven Economy Symposium below.

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